• Design your scaffolding project from your .pdf or 3D model.
  • Design and verify your scaffold and weather protection as one whole construction as required in the European standards SS-EN 12810-1, SS-EN 12811-1 and SS-EN 16508:2015.
  • Design and verify your scaffold as required in AS/NZS 1576.3*, ANSI SC100-5/05* and CSA S269.2*.
  • Add snow, live, point and dead loads.
  • Add simulation of wind loads in accordance with EN-1991-4.
  • Verify your design with 3rd order FEM strength calculations.
  • Get an optimized material specification.
  • Calculation of labor time.
  • Export 3D drawings to AutoCAD 360 on your smartphone.
  • Calculations are possible for any NO LIMIT™ and PROTECT IT™ project.
  • Wind tunnel simulation and all other loads together with the Autodesk Robot make it possible to calculate both scaffold and weather protection in accordance with EN-1991-4 as required in SS-EN 16508:2015.
  • Do it right with the same calculation method used by SP Technical Research Institutes of Sweden when certifying scaffolding systems.
  • A SCAFFCAD™ license includes a two-day course and certification for the first year.

* Comes during 2019.


With SCAFFCAD™ Design & Calculation Software you will design and verify both scaffold and roof structure according to SS-EN 16508:2015. No need to confirm the design by an external engineering firm!

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