WEATHER PROTECTION is a growing market as the requirements for protected constructions and maintenance work increase.

We have worked together with scaffolders and users from all over the world to find problem areas that need to be solved and their requirements for a temporary roofing system ready for the future.

The requirements were clear; scaffolders and users want ONE SYSTEM that can be DESIGNED and ANALYZED for loadings according to SS-EN 12810-1, SS-EN 12811-1 and SS-EN 16508:2015.

The system must be LIGHT, FLEXIBLE and STRONG to improve ERGONOMIC and ENVIRONMENTAL aspects with NO compromises on SAFETY. DOWNTIME should be reduced for main and subcontractors. Building owners and end users should be protected from RAIN, SNOW and WIND damages in order to reduce COSTS.

We are very proud to present PROTECT IT™ – the new concept in temporary roofing! Take a look at how we did it.

PROTECT IT™ Video Presentation

Conforms to the following standards:



The MonZon PROTECT IT™ modular weather protection system is based on the DNA from our scaffolding systems. It gives you the opportunity to mount asymmetrical/symmetrical double pitched/mono pitched and mansard spans that allow for complete flexibility of the design. You can choose one or two Keder Tarpaulins depending on demands and local weather conditions.

Adding even more to the flexibility of PROTECT IT™ is the fact that the Keder Tarpaulins in the unbraced bays can quickly be removed so machinery or other bulky loads can be craned into place easily.

PROTECT IT™ is designed exclusively for all MonZon scaffolding systems according to the European standard SS-EN 16508:2015 for temporary work equipment, encapsulation constructions, performance requirements and general design. Adding more to the flexibility, PROTECT IT™ can be integrated with OTHER SCAFFOLDING SYSTEMS, although strength and load capacity on both the roof and the scaffold can not be confirmed by MonZon SCAFFCAD™ if the roof is mixed with another brand than MonZon.


The PROTECT IT™ system is made of HIGH QUALITY RECYCLABLE ALUMINIUM. Hydro energy is the main source of the energy used to extrude and produce the components. This makes aluminium the best ENVIRONMENTAL choice and also reduces TRANSPORT COSTS due to its lightweight and innovative design.


With a smart aluminium design and few components PROTECT IT™ exceeds the competition in simple assembly, effective storage and minimal transport needs. With very few components and beam lengths of 50, 100, 200 and 300 cm, the installation of your roof will be very fast, flexible and easy.

The Keder Roof Lattice Beam 300 is the base in the roof construction but you can put together a mix of beam lengths with retained strength not only to optimize the span of the roof but also to utilize your material stock more effective.

PROTECT IT™ – Mobile Weather Protection

The Roof Support is mounted on a Rail Trolley for a movable roof and slides in and out for easy assembly.

The Rail Beam is compact and lightweight with integrated anti-lifting track for the Rail Trolley.

The Rail Trolley compensates for any variations of the rails by transverse adjustments.

The roof can be equipped with Battery Powered Electrical Motors. Multiple wireless remote controls with 100 m / 328 ft range can be used for the same motor.